MTG: Ixalan Midnight Prerelease

Pirates, Dinosaurs and a Lost City.
Welcome to the lush Jungles of Ixalan.
Jace has landed on Ixalan with no memory of who is he or how he got there. And seemingly no way off.
Join him and Vraska as they explore Ixalan and look for the Lost City.
Join us for PRERELEASE: September 23rd & 24th
Be the first to play with Ixalan only at your local game stores!
Each a player will receive a prerelease kit. Each prerelease kit has 6 Ixalan boosters, 1 random foil promo card and 1 countdown die!. You will build a 40 card deck out of the cards you open and play 4 rounds! Each round gets you a chance for more boosters! !
11:45pm: we’ll be sitting everyone and going over rules etc.
Midnight: we will begin handing out packs and you can open them.
12:30: round 1 begins.
We will be doing only 3 rounds!
Everyone gets at least 1 Booster in prizes!
Prize Payout:
3-0: 5 Ixalan Boosters
2-1: 3 Ixalan Boosters
1-2: 2 Ixalan Booster
0-3: 1 Ixalan Booster
Each event gets you a raffle ticket! Additional raffle tickets are 3 for $5!
During each event if there are 50 or more players, we will be raffling off a box of MTG: Ixalan for the event! (MTG: Ixalan box not provided until release.)
$26 Per regular Event if PreRegister before September 22nd, $30 at the door! You can also preregister for all 5 events for only $125!
$30 for the special midnight prerelease! (see separate event)
Preregister online at or in store
September 23rd (11:45pm on September 22nd) – MIDNIGHT prerelease!
11:45pm, starts exactly at midnight! (
September 23rd
September 24th
11am (2 Headed Giant)