MTG Announcements!

We got some things going on for our MTG Events happening!

First – it’s Oath of the GateWatch prerelease weekend!  You still have time to sign up and get in on the fun!

Starting Wednesday, January 20th, our weekly Wed/Fri Modern events will have a small change to prize payout.  Prize payout will now be Pack Per Win or $3 Credit per win.  Wednesday nights will still have the SCG Game Night Tokens/Pins and Friday Nights will have the FNM Promos.

Starting Friday, January 22nd, the limited event on Friday Night Magic will be a $25 sealed, pack per win for prize payout.  We will still hold release night drafts when a set comes out.

Beginning with our GPT/IQ on Sunday, January 24th, we will begin our CGG Competitive Event series. This will culminate in an invitational event in December.  The invitational will be have a $1k grand prize as well as various other prizes.  You will earn points at GPTs, PPTQs, IQs, & Game Days at Common Ground Games, so you will have an opportunity to earn points each month.  Points will be equal to the base planeswalker points you earn at the event (1 for participating, 3 for a win, 1 for a draw).  points will qualify you for the event and earn you byes!  More information will be coming on this soon!

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