Fate Reforged PreRelease – The Monday After


I really enjoyed this weekends prerelease. This was our first prerelease in the new space and I have to say it was pretty awesome. Having all that room for people to spread out and play MTG while still having room for other games? Amazing. We had people playing other MTG games, playing Yu-Gi-Oh, playing board game and even had a new D&D table start on Sunday. It was a good weekend and I saw my store the way I love seeing it. Full of happy people enjoying themselves gaming.
I loved seeing how into the set everyone was getting and learning the new card interactions. I think that’s what most players were focused on. How many people pulled an alternate art Ugin? The little game was fun. Seeing some of the cards in use showed several players that they could be way more powerful then at first glance.
The prerelease went well for us. However, We did hit a few snags here and there but I don’t think the players really saw much of that or minded it. Don’t worry, we see more than we let on and hopefully we learn for next time.
We recognize that the 2 Headed Giant event has some issues. We believe for the next prerelease we can make some changes to make that event more fun and less stressful. To 45 minute deck building time and 60 minute rounds for start. We want everyone to enjoy that format as prerelease 2HG is a very unique game play.
The Dragons of Tarkir prerelease takes place only 2 months from now! Dragons is a large set and that means the prerelease will most likely be a lot larger. I know on our side we’ll be ‘doing up’ the prerelease, so look forward to what we announce for the next prerelease.

A few other things I have to say personally. My players are amazing. Seriously. You guys make me so proud. Those of you who have been coming in for a while, I saw how welcoming you were to players you don’t know. I saw older, much more experienced players being patient and helpful with the younger players. That’s the type of behavior everyone should expect when playing MTG.

And our judges. I could not have been luckier to find these men. Those of you coming in for a while are used to the professionalism and fun John Trout and Joel Martin bring to our prerelease. Now we’ve added in Tanner Sorenson for the first time and I could not be more proud to have these folks as ‘resident’ judges for my store. If you want to thank anyone for having fun at prerelease, please thank them. They help make those events run smooth and keep them going. And who else but John Trout could give Ugin a nickname like ‘Uncle Uggy’ and have it stick….

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